New Items, Including Fiddleheads! 05/16/2020

Hey Everyone,

It’s time to do our weekly blast of the new items we have in the Co-op. The item that really shines this week are the local foraged fiddlesheads we just got in! They probably need a little bit of extra cleaning but we’re selling them at $3.49/lb so totally worth it. We only have these for a little while so if you want a taste of spring come on in and get them!

And now for the list of new items this week. A lot of these are substitutions to try and cover some of the items we’ve had a hard time getting…

  1. Woobambo Toothbrush, Adult Medium (Member Request)
  2. Mega Food Vegan B12 (Member Request)
  3. Vermont Smike Pepperoni
  4. La Preferida Mild Notcho Slices (Organic)
  5. La preferida Hot Notcho Slices
  6. Garofalo Orzo
  7. Lundberg Jasmine Rice, 2lb
  8. Lundberg Long Grain White Rice, 2lb (Organic)
  9. King Soba Black Rice Ramen (Organic)
  10. Organic Valley Ghee (Organic)
  11. Koyo Asian Vegetable Ramen


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