New Items 06/29/2020

Hey Everyone,

So we’ve got some new items to tell you about! We also wanted to let you know that we are rearranging a bit again thanks to the help of a couple great volunteers who went and got it, and then the crew that helped lug it in we’ve installed a new open air display(Recognize the picture in the background? It used to hang in the produce area of the Belfast Co-op so keeping with tradition we put it in our produce section)! We are still moving things around and trying different combinations so if you are looking for something specific don’t hesitate to ask!

And now on to the list;

  1. Strong Brewing Session IPA (Sedgwick)
  2. Foundation La Luz Mexican Ale (Portland)
  3. Raaka Maple Nibs Chocolate (Org, Vega, GF, SF, Nut Free)
  4. Raaka Oat Milk Chocolate 2oz (Org, Vegan, GF, SF)
  5. Gus Meyer Lemon Soda (Member Request)
  6. Barilla Penne
  7. Sno Pac Frozen Butternut Squash (Org)
  8. Sno Pac Frozen Broccoli (Org)
  9. Indian Meadows Bite Balm .25oz (Customer Request)
  10. Dandies Marshmallows (Vegan, GF)
  11. Solgar Brewers Yeast Powder
  12. Sebastapol Oakes Cabernet Sauvignon
  13. Petite Balthaazar Merlot
  14. De Martino Estate Cabernet
  15. AquaVitea Elderberry Kombucha (In Bottles)
  16. Oatley Original Oat Milk
  17. Di Giovanna Olive Oil (Organic)
  18. Terra De Touros Red 3 Liter Box
  19. Di Giovanna Norello Rose
  20. Flora Prosecco Brut
  21. Silencio Monastrel (Organic)
  22. Alate Tempranillo (Kosher)
  23. Sensi Tuscana Rosso
  24. Sensi Tuscano Bianco
  25. Dumont Brut Chanpagne (Organic)
  26. JK Scrumpy Hard Cider (Organic)
  27. Amolitta Conchiglie Rigate Pasta (Portland)
  28. Amolitta Gnocchetti Sardi (Portland)

Wow that was a lot to type… we’ve been busy.

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