Volunteer Thank You and Safety Updates 10/24/2020

Hi Folks,

With everything that has been going on in the big ole town of Brooks this week we thought it would be good to take a moment to thank some of our wonderful volunteers. Since the start of the Pandemic back in late March we have had a dedicated crew of volunteers coming at night/early mornings to do a thorough clean of all the frequently touched surfaces in the Co-op as well as any flat surfaces they could find. They have been working regularly to make sure that the Co-op is a safe place for everyone and we thought it would be great to recognize their commitment.

Other things that we have done since March to ensure that everyone stays healthy and well is below if you were ever wondering what our practices are.

  1. On duty staff or volunteer regularly disinfecting commonly touched surfaces during the course of the day.
  2. Limiting admittance to five customers at a time.
  3. Limiting the number of staff/volunteers in the Co-op at one time to the minimum necessary to ensure smooth operations.
  4. Put up signage regarding best safety practices to be followed by all.
  5. Set-up and installed a new contactless self checkout area with copper virus inhibiting table topping.
  6. Installed plastic screens around the cashier checkout area.
  7. Set-up an online ordering system for curbside orders.
  8. Installed an overnight UV sterilization system over high contact areas (these will be expanded into other areas shortly).
  9. Requiring all staff/volunteers to wear facial coverings in the Co-op which has recently expanded to all customers and staff/volunteers.

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