MRC Mask Policy 05-23-2021

To our valued members and customers;

We’ve received quite a few inquiries in the past week regarding what May the 24th will bring regarding our in store mask requirement. After much discussion between the board and management we have decided to continue to require all individuals who enter the Co-op to wear a face covering. This is for a myriad of reasons including but not limited to the following metrics/reasons;

  1. Health and safety concerns for staff/volunteers and customers
  2. Waldo County Case Rates/State Case Rates
  3. Waldo County Vaccination Rates/State Vaccination Rates
  4. The pitfalls of requiring/inquiring about vaccination status of employees and volunteers(OSHA and EEOC guidelines)
  5. The comfort level/opinions of those individuals who staff/work inside the Co-op on a regular basis (Consensus decision-making)

We very much would like to remove our masking requirement at some point in the future and the board and management is currently reviewing metrics to determine what data might constitute a reasonable time to remove our requirement. We will send out a notice to our social media and website to ensure that everyone has the correct information should anything change.

If you have questions or concerns about this statement please send any/all correspondence to where it will be forwarded to the board and management for review. We ask that everyone respect this decision and be polite and kind with our staff and volunteers.


MRC Board and Management

The Marsh River Cooperative is member owned and operated.

“The mission of the Marsh River Cooperative is to foster our local community and economy by offering affordable and high-quality goods that are responsibly sourced, and locally produced whenever possible, in a welcoming atmosphere that strengthens our community social fabric.”

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