Volunteer Need & New Item List 06/29/2021

Hey Folks.

We hope you are surviving this hot weather as best you can. It’s been brutal out there the last few days.

First up we are looking for someone that might potentially be will to take a road trip to the Lewiston/Auburn area at some point. We’ve located a refrigerated bakery case and before we inquire if it is still available we wanted to see if anyone would be willing to make the trip? Would probably need a truck and we would of course pay for gas/wear and tear. Please email marshriverordering@gmail.com if you might be willing to make the run!

Long overdue again is our new items list!

  1. Fat Friar’s Mead (Newcastle)
  2. Foundation Raspberry My Jam (Portland)(Customer Request)
  3. Ghirardelli Bittersweet Chips (Member Request)
  4. Wurzburger Traditional Pilsner
  5. Toddy Pond Feta in 8oz containers
  6. Aura Cacia Geranium Oil (Member Request)
  7. Aura Cacia Cedarwood Oil (Member Request)
  8. Kusafiri Red 250ml (Organic)
  9. Kusafiri Red 750ml (Organic)
  10. La Ceboll Spicy Pickled Onions (Scarborough)
  11. Farm House Roasters Peru El Cuativo (Winterport, Customer Request)
  12. Farm House Roasters Mexico Chiapas
  13. Seek No Further 16oz Goat Yogurt (Monroe)
  14. Ponte Vinho Verde Branco
  15. Violife Smoked Provolone
  16. Honor Cava Brut (Organic)
  17. Aqua Vitea Blueberry Social, Can (Vermont)
  18. Ortiz Sardines in Oil
  19. NOW Double Strength Iron (Member Request)
  20. Stump Chump Maple Charcoal
  21. Stump Chump Fire Starter
  22. Seek No Further Feta (Monroe)
  23. Broadbent Tawny Porto
  24. Rising Tide Zephyr IPA (Customer Request)
  25. HobaCare Organic 1oz
  26. HobaCare Organic 4.22oz
  27. HobaCare Baby Organic 4.22oz
  28. Fit Vine Pinot Gricio (Customer Request)
  29. CTF Tamarind Concentrate
  30. Bulk Barilla Large Shells (Member Request)
  31. Bulk Barilla Gemelli (Member Request)
  32. Domaine Le Yeuses(France)
  33. Du Sud Rose (France)
  34. Sapsucker Cider (Organic)
  35. Eddie’s Peanut Butter Bar (Trying to find a replacement for the buckeyes)

And just in today from Marshall Wharf in Belfast

  1. Booty Shake Milkshake IPA
  2. Umlaut Kolsch

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