Annual Meeting Nov 14th 5pm and Board Recruitment

Hey Everyone,

We’re popping out a quick note so folks can save the date for our upcoming Annual Meeting November 14th at 5pm. The Annual Meeting will be happening over Zoom so if you’d like to attend please email or stop in the Co-op and ask at the register and you’ll be added to our list to send the link out when it is available.

We are continuing to recruit new board members as well, we encourage anyone that might be interested to reach out to or stop into the Co-op. We are currently looking like we’ll have between 5-6 seats filled but we could have up to 9 individuals to help spread out the workload for the rest of the individuals and staff members. We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has worked hard either by being on the board, working with committee’s or generally volunteering around the Co-op!

And thanks to our wonderful art department who put together this cut out right at our door! I keep thinking I have someone in here when I’m working at night…..

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