Annual Report 2020-2021, Annual Meeting Nov 14th 5pm and Ballots

Hi Everyone,

We’ve been hard at work putting together the information for the upcoming Annual Meeting on November 14th at 5pm so that everyone has a chance to take a look at it a head of time. We’ve also just finalized our slate of potential board members(we are super excited) as well, which you will find below for your review. Ballots will be available on the day of the meeting either at the register or you will receive a digital version in your email if you are a member. If anyone has trouble submitting your ballot please don’t hesitate to reach out to and we’ll give you a hand.

Link to Full Annual Report

We are also voting to update one of our bylaws regarding the composition of the Board. Please find the proposed changes at the bottom of this message for your review.

Slate of candidates for our board!

Brenda Moot, Consumer Member

Hello, my name is Brenda, and I’m hoping to join the MRC Board. I live in Winterport on North Road, just around the corner from White’s Farm on Monroe Road. I currently volunteer at MRC a few hours a week and enjoy learning more about the products, farms, and people at the co-op. My work experience includes about 20 years teaching for Head Start, Universal Pre-k, and Even Start. Each program teaches preschool children and Even Start also includes adult Ed for parents seeking their GED. Since 2012, I have worked as a Nanny caring for newborn babies in their home. I’m not working right now, and any future position I take would be part-time, so I will have time and energy to work on the board. My interests include writing creatively, spending time outdoors, and doing work that supports sustainable living, like local food co-ops! I look forward to learning more about how the co-op runs and how I can participate.

Thank you for considering me as a board member, Brenda Moot

Cheryl Huber, Consumer Member

Good Day,

My name is Cheryl Huber and I live on Monroe Highway here in Brooks. I am writing this letter in the hopes of being considered to fill one of the seats as a board member of the Marsh River Co-op. My husband Terry and I moved from CT to Brooks at the end of May. When we first looked at our current house I was excited to see that the Co-op was nearby. You see I started researching organic growers, farmers markets etc before we even knew we would be living here. Although I have worked in the medical field since 1989 as a receptionist, EKG tech and in an admitting department I hold a passion for organic growing. I have worked for Nine years in the horticulture department at Old Sturbridge Village, while running my own business growing and selling organic vegetables, herbs and flowers. All grown proudly from seed. This home business 3B’s Organic I owned for seven years. I met a lot of wonderful people who also shared my passion. During that time I took part in the local farmers market and donated plants to our local garden club to be planted throughout town. I believe in supporting our local farmers and growers who work so hard at what they do and contribute to the community. I also feel a connection to them, first to be good stewards to our land and second to give my best back to the community. We have settled in this town and have met some very nice people who have welcomed us and helped us get acquainted with our surroundings. We would like to become involved in this community in a place where our values are shared. This is why I ask you to consider me as a future board member of the Marsh River Co-op. Thank your your time, respectfully Cheryl Huber

Terry Huber, Consumer Member


My name is Terry Huber and I live at 130 Monroe Highway here in Brooks. I am writing this letter as an application to fill one of the seats as a board member of the Marsh River Co-op. My background has been in the legal field, having worked as a Case Specialist for the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services for over 20 years but I have also worked in product promotions/sales and as a radio host/personality for several stations in Connecticut. My desire to serve on the Marsh River Co-op board is firmly rooted in my belief in the importance of community service and supporting the farms and small businesses of that community. Over the years of helping my wife with the day to day work of running her home business, 3 B’s Organics, I have come to realize the importance of safe and healthy foods and the need to support the local folks. One of our favorite parts of the organic plant business has been educating the customers as to the benefits of eating health with organic foods. I believe that my varied background, work ethic and commitment to community would be an asset to the board of the Marsh River Co-op. Thank you for your time and consideration. Respectfully Terry Huber.

Adam Price, Consumer Member

It’s a pleasure to be able to offer my application to become apart of your board. I’m very excited to explore this community, the local crafts, and how I can be involved in the interconnected growth of it’s products and livelihoods.  As a Man with a deep interest in rural construction, food independence, and inventive creativity, I find this opportunity to learn about and be a supportive part of our local crafters community to be a true joy. I was born and raised in Washington state, but am grateful to call Maine my Home for the first time this year, first of many to come. I’ll be offering my services to the public as a property and product designer, cleanout/project/materials manager, and silvopasture/orchard arborist shortly here, as soon as my business logistics catch up to my new life here in Maine.   I’m living amongst the Developing Woodsong Community, neighbors to Kim and Bob, & Dylan and Laura. I believe I could be an integral contributing member of the hand crafting community here in Brooks and Maine at Large. Working as a board member and leading a craft committee for Marsh River Co-op would be a great chance for mutual benefit and improved access to locally made, practical, ethically sourced goods for all who live here. It’s a great honor to be considered for Board Membership and to progress these hopes and ideals with y’all. Sincerely,      Adam T. Price

Proposed Bylaw Change

4.1 Number of Board seats: The March River Cooperative Board shall have 3 – 9 seats as determined by the Board, except during those interim periods when any Board seat becomes vacant prior to being filled as provided hereinafter. If the number of elected board members falls below 4 a special election can be called. It is expected that producer members shall reserve a majority of the seats on the Board, but in the event that enough producer member nominees for Board service are not forthcoming, and on the recommendation of the Board at a regularly scheduled and announced Annual Meeting, with elections to follow as provided hereafter, a minimum of producer member positions may be filled by consumer members. Likewise, a minimum number of interim producer member positions may be filled, by appointment as provided hereafter, by consumer members, if no producer members are willing to serve. Each director shall be a voting member in good standing.

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