Spotlight on Crafts: Art & Stationary

Hey Folks,

Next up in our list are our wide variety of Art and Stationary artists in the Co-op!

First up is Kim Jacobs from right here in Brooks. She has a variety of items with her artwork on the, from puzzles, calendars and books(and more). She also sits on our board and volunteers in the Co-op in many different ways. She’s dedicated a ton of time ensuring that the Co-op has continued to thrive!

Then we have items from Helena Malone, also right here in Brooks. These are cards that display some of the artwork that she does on hanging silks, scarves and pillows!

Next up is Louise Shorette right up in Jackson (she also does the Jewelry and Fiber Arts). She’s brought in items for a few years and she has great cards of butterflies to choose from!

Next up is Mulberry Marsh Designs (Meredith), she’s over in Jackson as well and does photo cards along with Fiber Arts which we’ll highlight in a later post!

Then we have items from Toki Art from Belfast. She has a selection of cards, calendars and other items to share with everyone!

We also have some cards from Frog Water Designs (Jasmine) from over in Morrill!

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