Round-up Program and a few new items

The Marsh River Cooperative is pleased to announce that we have completed the necessary set-up to have a Round Up at the Register Program. For those unfamiliar with these programs, when a customer is checking out, they can choose to round-up their total to the nearest dollar amount and those round-up funds will go to a chosen local organization at the end of the month. Now, we need our members’ help determining where those funds should go. Please make your recommendations known below in comment or stop in the Co-Op and tell us who you think those funds should go to! We will pick one organization per month based upon the number of votes/comments we receive back. We are hoping we can direct these funds to the smaller towns such as Brooks, Monroe, Jackson, Thorndike etc., though no recommendation will be discounted. Thank you everyone for your kind support of your Co-Op and we are excited to be giving back!

And only a few additions this week (Associated Buyers our larger distributor was closed Monday for the Holiday).

  1. Moonstone Asian Pear Sake (Member Requested)
  2.  Cellar Door The Buoy Special Release (For every bottle sold $1.00 goes to Habitat for Humanity!)


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