New Items 09/14/2018

Hi Folks,

So as usual we’ve done a bit of rearranging in the store and added some more items onto our shelves. We moved our older small freezer from the back and placed it next to the large display freezer and now we have space to put out whole chickens from Tide Mill as well as using the wall space above it to display our shelf stable meat selection (Whites Farm in Winterport and items from Daniele Meats). The personal care items have moved around the back of the repack bulk grains wall. If you have any trouble finding anything please let us know!

And now for the new items list;

  1. Swans Raw Honey now in 2.5lb Glass Jars
  2. Tide Mill Organic Whole Chickens
  3. Bulk Whole Dried Chipotle Peppers (Board Request)
  4. Grandy Oats Coconola Choc Chunk (Employee Request)
  5. Yum Earth Org Candy Corn Snack Packs
  6. Tsubi Soups Miso Cup Mix
  7. Kikkoman Unbleached Panko

And because we’ve received so many calls from people asking if we have any essential oils we’ve added a small selection from Frontier. They are in the smaller size so that the price doesn’t get too high at one time. If there is one you’d like to see let us know!

  1. Org Peppermint 7.4ml
  2. Org Lavender 7.4ml
  3. Org Patchouli 7.4ml
  4. Org Tea Tree 7.4ml
  5. Org Lemon 7.4ml
  6. Org Rosemary 7.4ml

Collage 09-14-2018

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