New Board Meeting & New Items

Hi Everyone,

We wanted to let you know that your newly elected Board will be meeting for the first time this coming Tuesday the 11th at 6:30pm here at the Co-op. Officers will be chosen at that time and we have a lot of topics to discuss and planning for the upcoming year. Anyone interested (board meetings are open to the public, no need to be a member) in joining in and seeing how the board functions and what issues are facing the Co-op, please drop by.

Any now on to the fun part. Please find the list below of items added this week to your Co-op!

  1. Frontier Maple Smoked Syrup (Customer Request)
  2. North Spore Mushroom Kits (For the holidays)
  3. Green Truck Sauvignon Blanc (Org)
  4. Nero d’avola (Org)
  5. 90+ Prosecco (Org)
  6. Daiya Cheesy Mac (Member Request)(GF, SF, DF)
  7. Roasted Dandelion Tea (Member Request) (Org)
  8. Stevia Clear Liquid Drops (Member Request) (Non-GMO)
  9. T-Sacs
  10. Women’s Bean Project GF Cornbread Mix
  11. Women’s Bean Project Cilantro Lime Cup Soup
  12. Women’s Bean Project Spanish Rice and Pinto Beans Soup
  13. Raaka Bourbon Dark Choc Bar (Org)
  14. Simply Organic Almond Extract (Org)
  15. And finally a small selection of Organic Cotton Socks(because it’s cold) from Maggie’s Organics. There are other varieties available so if you are looking for something specific just let us know!

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