Fedco Seed/Bulb/OGS

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to the volunteer efforts of Ed Hamel we are pleased to announce that we will be offering the combining of Seed/Bulb/OGS(Organic Growing Supplies) orders into one bulk order so that we can leverage the bulk discounts through Fedco. Ed is planning to go and get the orders when they are available and distribute them at the Co-Op. The only thing we are asking is to help defray the costs of the time, energy and gas to do this that you donate 25% of the discount from the bulk order to the Co-op(or more if you so choose). So for example if we received enough orders to be eligible for the 20% discount we ask that you give 25% of that discount. If anyone has additional questions please feel free to stop in Tuesday mornings when Ed is staffing the Co-op or you can reach out to us at marshriverodering@gmail.com or at (207) 722-3053 and we can pass the messages along to him. More detailed instructions below.

People who want to order should go to the Fedco seeds site to place their part of the group order.
The group name is: marsh river co-op
The group numbers are:
seeds: 99033
trees: 49820
potatoes: 69013
organic supplies: 39015
To place an order.
Group Member Instructions:
1. First get the group order number. There will be a separate number for each division (Seeds; Potatoes, Onions and Exotics; Organic Growers Supply; Trees; and Bulbs), if your coordinator has chosen to coordinate an order from more than one division.
2. Go to the division in which you are building an order, using the links in the page header. Log in using your own email address.
3. When you review your order prior to checking out, click the ‘Part of a Group’ checkbox. Then go to ‘Check Out Securely’ and type in the group order number where indicated.
4. You will receive a confirmation email at the address you used to log in.  Until your coordinator finalizes the group’s order, however, Fedco cannot confirm receipt of your order.
The discount for any fedco division are as follows
$100.00     5% off
                                                                                 $300.00    10%off
                                                                                 $600.00    15%off
                                                                                 $1200.00  20%off
Deadlines for orders are:
Trees order by 1/10/19 pick-up 4/24/19
Seeds and organic growers supply order by 2/28/19 pick-up 3/14/19
Potatoes order by 4/5/19 pick-up 4/26/19


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