Spotlight on Crafters: Jewelry

Hi Everyone,

As we get closer and closer to the holidays we thought it would be nice to showcase a few of our local crafter’s so that everyone has a chance to see what local people are making for sale in the Co-Op. I’m going to leave the images large so hopefully you can zoom in and look at the items.

First up we have Glad Girl Jewlrey made by Heather Selin of Earth Dharma Farms (they also provide produce for the Co-op) in Jackson. She is one of our active members who has formerly been on our board and has supported the Co-op for a while. She does some nice earrings and a pendant or two.


Next up we have items from Doreen Dixon (Maid In The Woods). Mostly earrings but a few other items as well. Back when we first opened Doreen used to come in every week and help us put away our large Associated Buyers order. In the last few years however her business has taken off so much she hasn’t had a lot of free time. If you want to check out her stuff in person stop in the Co-op and take a look or you can look at her items on her Etsy Store and Website!

Then we have some items from Louise Merrithew and Bela Luz.  Louise has been selling items in the Co-op for just over a year and she was a great addition to our jewelry selection. Bela Luz has been selling for quite a while though there was a bit of a break due to some issues with our insurance but we are glad to have her stuff back out on sale!


So we have a few other items in the Co-op as well and if I missed anyone I do apologize. Over the next week or so we’ll highlight other types of crafts we have in the Co-op!

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