Spotlight on Crafters: Stationary

Hi Everyone,

So next up on the list is our group of crafters that fit into the stationary category.

Let’s start with our own Kim Jacobs, Board President and store volunteer. She was one of our founding members and has put in a lot of hours to make sure the Co-op prospers. She does puzzles, cards, calendars, note cards and many other kinds of art formats!


Next up is Mulberry Marsh Designs, our own Meredith Toumayan, former board member and head of our craft committee. She also does our spinners night every other Friday night at the Co-Op(if you are interested in joining stop by the Co-op and we can get you on the mailing list). Right now she has cards at the Co-op but she used to have some fiber items as well!


Also picture above are bird prints from Laura Zamfirescu from Monroe who also does cards and calendars!


And then we have Rosemarie Dilernia who is a more recent addition to our selections. She does lovely watercolor bookmarks which are frame or mounting worthy. She just added a new fabric item to the Co-op as well but we’ll showcase that when we do the fiber folk!


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