Spotlight on Crafters: Fiber

Hi Everyone,

So today’s spotlight is going to be on our fiber folk, of which we have a few.

First up is Mulberry Marsh Designs and Meredith Tomayan with her mom’s fiber mice. Apparently she has been making them for a very long time. We had a random lady stop in last year and be super surprised we had them because she had them as a kid.


Next up is It’s All About The Yarn by Rani Howe of Skyscraper Farm (they also do our organic Christmas trees). They’ve also hosted the Tea parties a few times for Ralph’s Cafe Benefits. She makes smaller hand spun merino&alpaca blend draw string bags.


And then we have aprons and other fabric creations from Sew Happy or Gail Croply. She’s been with us for a long time and we always sell a few aprons every holiday season!


Next up is Rosemarie Dilernia again(she does our watercolor bookmarks as well) with her new addition to the Co-Op. She brought in hand knit spa cloths with soap which would make a nice addition to any gift basket.


We also have some hand knit hats by Jo Cooley for when we have those really cold days.


We also offer fiber items that you could purchase and make something of your own. We have a few different yarns on the shelf, fabric ends and even a few sheepskins.

If I missed anyone I am terribly sorry. Reach out to us and I’ll make sure you get posted!

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