Spotlight on Crafters: Personal Care

Hi Everyone,

For today’s spotlight we’ll be looking our our personal care items that are made by our local crafters.

First up we have Backyard Family Farmer, Brian and Nina from Dixmont. They were kind enough to put together the raffle basket for the Co-op and they are currently running a sale of 1/2 off your second item of lesser value. They do soaps, travel soaps, shower steamers, sprays and lip balm.


Also pictured above are items from Ancestral French Soaps, Nancy from Monroe. She makes really nice soaps using a very old recipe and the best ingredients she can find. She makes hair soaps, regular soaps, pet soap, delicate wash soaps and a few other varieties. You can also find her stuff at her stall at the United Farmers market!

We also have items from Knotty Goat, Shea from Winterport, on our shelves as well. We have some of her regular soaps, soap rollers, beard oil and a few scrubs.

Pictured below are items we have from Motherwort Farm in Swanville. She does Teas and Tinctures and a few other items. She is fairly new to us but we are glad to have her aboard!


Moving a bit away from cleanliness and tinctures we have candles and a few other items from Lally Broch Farm in Frankfort. They do scented soy tarts that you place over a warmer and a few other items like beeswax wraps to go over leftovers.


And then we have Wendy’s Wax, which are scented candles in a bunch of different scents and formats!



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