Spotlight on Crafters: Statuary & Others

Hi Folks,

I believe this will be our last post for the Crafters prior to the holiday. If however we missed any crafters please make sure to drop us a line so we can rectify it ASAP. I’m always surprised when I look at the total number of small crafters and vendors we have.

First up for today is Cindy and Gourdaments. She has a wonderful selection of holiday themed ornaments made from dried gourds and then hand painted. If you prefer some themed for a different holiday she also does gourds for Halloween and other smaller holidays!


Next up is concrete statuary from Bret Lowe over in Jackson. You can also find him at the Belfast Farmers Market during the summer. He does a wide selection of items from bird baths, Buddhas, gargoyles, dragons and even a giant cactus!

If you’d prefer to gift something that is alive we also have house plants brought in by our own Izzy Mckay who not only volunteers in the Co-op but is our understanding landlord. She usually brings in a wide selection of smaller and larger house plants to pick from. Also pictured in the background is Lesia’s painting which used to hang in the produce section of the Belfast Co-op, not for sale but I thought it was neat.


And last but not least we have some blown glass done by two local artists. The items on the left are done by Mark Soisson (Bis from Applebottom Beefs son) and we have a few other small selections from another young lady.


Well that’s it for now. Sorry for the delay emails but we wanted to introduce you to all of our wonderful crafters!

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