New Items 10/10/2019

Hey Everyone,

First we’d like to take the opportunity to thank Senator Herbig @erin_herbig for coming out yesterday and meeting with members of the public and the Co-op. We are always happy to welcome our legislatures to our space to meet with folks!

We also had a wonderful meeting with a member of the Co-op ME Business Alliance It’s always good to connect with folks who are doing different things to support local Co-ops around the state!

And now onto the new and returning items to our shelves!

  1. Rocky Ground Cider Lucia (Newburgh)
  2. Rocky Ground Cuder Pips (Newburgh)(this brings our total to 15 Maine Hard Ciders!)
  3. Flying Embers Lemon Orchard (Organic)(Member Request)
  4. Ippongi Denshin Junmai Ginjo (this one is a little bit pricier than we normally do but one of our members requested it and our favorite thing to do is bring in something that our members wanted and put it on the shelves!)
  5. Eden Brown Mustard (Organic)(Customer Request)
  6. Thompson Ginkgo Biloba (We are slowely working on adding additional suppliments, and if you’ve let us know of one you’d like to carry don’t worry we are still working on getting those for the shelve)

And we have some returning/seasonal items as well;

  1. Organic Medjool Dates
  2. Apple Farm Apple Cider (Fairfield)

And returning for hopefully the long term;

  1. A Small Good Proper Bacon (Rockport)
  2. A Small Good Perfect Italian Sausage(Rockport)
  3. A Small Good Kranjska Sausage (Rockport)




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