Milestone Reached! $300,000 in Co-op Sales this year!

Hey Everyone,

In between sending out the crafter spotlights we thought you’d like to know that we passed the $300,000 in sales mark yesterday afternoon! Everyone has worked hard this last year to continue on the path to full sustainability. Many of you may know were not entirely there yet but we are closer than we were and we are always looking for good ideas and help.

We need to give a big shout out to all our loyal volunteers who do anything from cleaning the Co-op, staffing the register, sitting on our board, going and picking up deliveries and even going and getting new equipment.

We also need to give a huge thanks to our staff who have worked hard this year to make the Co-op a welcoming and friendly place. They work hard doing day to day tasks like receiving, staffing the register, restock and numerous other tasks.

And last but not least our loyal members and customers that have made us a part of their regular day. Without your continued support and purchases we would not be on the path forward.

So thanks again to everyone in the community for continuing to support us as we grow and strive for sustainability!


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