Spotlight on Crafters: Personal Care

Hey Folks,

It’s time to put the spotlight on the personal care craft products that we have in the Co-op!

First up is Bee Balm & Nettle (Sadie, Waldo) who does Herbal Bath Teas, Shower Scrubs and a tea for drinking as well. She grows and collects most of her own ingredients too. If you’d like more info check out her instagram 


Then we have Ancestral French Soaps (Nancy, Monroe) who makes a whole bunch of varieties of soaps, regular soap, dish soap, hair soap, beard soap and a general purpose soap. She uses 100% organic cold pressed olive oil for all her recipes. You can also find her at the United Farmers market in Belfast or follow the link for more info.

Ancestral French Soaps


Then we have Backyard Family Farmers (Brian & Nina, Dixmont) who make a whole selection of items. From lip balm to shower steamers, salves and sprays and a few more things even!


Then we have Motherwort Farm over in Swanville. She uses MOFGA certified ingredients to make Teas (Postpartum & Regular) as well as Tinctures and Salves!





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