MRC Updates 03/28/2020: Announcing our Self Scan Aisle!

Hey Folks,

In the never ending battle we seem to be in for the last few weeks we have been working double time to try and come up with programs which will help limit staff/volunteer risks as well as risks for our members/customers.  We have recently been awarded rapid response grant funds from the New England Grassroots Environment Fund  which means we were able to purchase some new equipment to increase the distance between our cashiers/volunteers and the public(the scale was a donation from Belfast Coop). It also allowed us to purchase a new contactless card reader so folks are able to pay without touching a keypad at all now (Works with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and most NFC Cards, Bangor Savings Bank has them available and a few other banks as well). We will be redirecting folks to the new system starting today. We will still be accepting cash, check and EBT from those that do not have the option of card payment and the other checkout area.

With the funds we have also been able to order some items for sanitation and to increase our public WIFI access for folks as well.

Thank you to everyone that has offered to volunteer and to those folks who have put in extra time putting up signage and helping coordinate all the projects!


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