MRC Updates 04/03/2020

Hey Everyone,

So a few new things going on here at the Co-op. The biggest one is regarding the mandatory restrictions for only having 5 customers in the Co-op at one time. We’ve come up with a system whereby there is a light bulb at the door to let you know if you need to wait before you come in. If the light is on please come on in and do your shopping. If the light is off please wait outside either in your vehicle or in designated spots. The light will go back on when we are below the 5 person threshold. We’d also like to hear from our at risk community what time they would prefer for them to be exclusive for them? Most places are going for the morning but we’ve noticed that more people are out during that time so maybe not the best time?

Also we didn’t receive very many online orders from our first trial so we thought we would open it up for folks to have it available everyday for 5-10 items. If you’d like to place larger orders please do so but it might take us longer to have that ready for you. We are still accepting call in orders at this time but we are trying to keep those to a minimum where we only have the one phone line right now. If you need help or have questions please call (207) 722-3053 or email We’ve also added a tab to our website which has the direct link for our online ordering system. Thanks to everyone that has put in time and energy to make all these projects happen on almost a daily basis!


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