MRC Update and New Items 07/18/2020

Hi Folks,

So we’ve got one small update and then we’ll move onto our new items list. We wanted to let everyone know that we have recently installed a UV-C sanitation system in the Co-op which will run at night to compliment our volunteers who clean for us in the evenings (thanks folks we really appreciate it, you’ve helped keep our doors open!). Those with keys or the door code (I’ll try to reach out to you individually as well) please be advised that the sanitation system will be running from 9:30pm – 10:30pm and you don’t want to be in here when it is running! If there is an emergency you can contact our manager to have it turned off remotely. If anyone has any questions regarding this system please contact (207) 722-3053 or email

And now on to a much lighter note we have our new items list, some local, some organic and some you’ve asked us to find for you!

  1. Foundation Riverton Pilsner (Portland)
  2. Sepia 200 tab (Member Request)
  3. Boiron Oscillococcinum (Member Request)
  4. Equal Exchange Natural Pecans
  5. Woodstock Yellow Mustard(Organic)
  6. Morses Sour Garlic Pickles(Waldoboro)
  7. Morses Sour Mustard Pickles (Waldoboro)
  8. Unique Shell Pretzels (Non-GMO)
  9. Rustic Bakery Rosemary Flatbread Crisp (Organic)
  10. Rustic Bakery Meyer Lemon Short Bread
  11. Appel Herring in Tomato Sauce
  12. Coconut Secret Aminos
  13. Monin Zero Cal Vanilla Coffee Syrup (Customer Request)
  14. Farm House Coffee Bacon Tree Blend (Winterport, organic)
  15. Chase Stream Chicken Liver Mousse (Monroe, Organic raised chix)
  16. Kaf Kitchen Towel
  17. Tonnino Pinot Grigio (Organic)
  18. Tonnino Nero d’Avola (Organic)
  19. JK Scrumpy Rose Cider
  20. Sno Pac Frozen peas (Organic)
  21. Frontera Cab Merlot 1.5 Liter(Member Request)
  22. Honor Cava Brut Rose
  23. Honor Cava Brut Traditional
  24. Original Sin Black Widow Cider (Customer Request)
  25. Vintoro Waiters Corkscrew (Customer Request)
  26. Krups Coffee Grinder (Customer Request)
  27. Pastry Bag with Tips (Customer Request)



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