Revision to Preorder Markup and New Items

Hi Everyone,

Due to the increase in demand in member preorders in the last few months we are revising the Mark-up Schedule for our preorder service going forward. These changes will not affect feed grain and will only apply to non-consignment goods. we still want to encourage people to buy in bulk and avoid excess packaging but due to the ever increasing demand we need to ensure the programs viability. Effective August 1st 2020 the following fee schedule will be used for items when you a member preorders;

Food Items(As defined by our internal Departments) – Markup 15% Over Cost

Beer & Wine – Markup 25% Over Cost

And now on to something a tad more fun; our new items list!

  1. You’ve probably already seen them on our shelves but we wanted to showcase the local’s a little bit! We’ve got two types of cherry tomatoes coming in now, both certified organic and about as local as you can get!
  2. Just in this week are organic low bush blueberries from the Belfast Blueberry Cooperative
  3. Returning to our shelves are some products that haven’t been available for a while;
    1. Sonnental Gouda
    2. Sonnental Pepperjack
    3. Sonnental Mild Chedder
    4. Sonnental Parmesan
  4. Seal Cove Garlic & Pepper Goat Cheese
  5. Aleia’s GF Italian breadcrumbs
  6. Wally’s Natural Ear Candles


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