Good News!

Hi Everyone,
It has been a stressful few months here at the Co-op. Like a good portion of retail food establishments we’ve managed to keep our doors open through the hard work of our dedicated staff and volunteers (We had a lot of folks step up to help and we could always use more!). We’ve managed to weather the supply chain issues, frustrated customers and everything that comes with being open to the public in these trying times. We want to give a big shout out to our staff and volunteers (board and in store) who stepped up and worked long and extra hours to ensure that the Co-op was stocked, cleaned and as safe as possible, with plans in place to meet all the challenges that these new times have brought. With that being said we wanted to share a wonderful few figures from last months sales that are really encouraging.

Last month the Co-op sold $21,899 in Maine products! Back two years ago that might have been our entire sales for the month.

We also provided almost a $1000 worth of veggies and fruit to our low income folks through our partnership with the Farm Fresh Rewards program which is very exciting as well! These are the things that make all that time and energy worth it.

And finally we would like to give a big thank you to all our loyal customers who have followed along with us through out all the changes and protocols. We hope to continue to provide our wares and services to you for a long time to come!

t1200-IMG_5265 (1)

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