New Items 08/28/2020

Hey Everyone,

It’s time for a new item list from your Co-op!

First up we’d like to welcome Night Moves Bread(Biddeford) to our shelves! We’ll be carrying their Country Loaf, Baltic Rye, Potato & Herb and Maple oatmeal loaves which will now be coming in Friday mornings.

And now on to the full list!

  1. North Star Ground Lamb (Humane, Sustainable)(Member Request)
  2. Daniel Sliced Pepperoni (New Version)
  3. HIC Stanless Steel Mixing Bowls
  4. HIC Mesh Colander
  5. Ms Anderson Half Sheet Baking Pan
  6. HIC Bamboo Skewers
  7. HIC Bamboo Bench Scraper
  8. Brianna’s French Vinaigrette
  9. Bota Sauvignon Blanc 3 Liter (Customer Request)
  10. Atlantic Brewing Coal Porter
  11. Califa Almond Milk
  12. White’s Farm Kielbasa (limited supply)
  13. Whites Farm Sujuk
  14. Lagosta Vinho Verde
  15. Fieldroast Frankfurter (Customer Request)

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