Online Ordering & Walkin

Hey Everyone,

Popping out a note to let you know of a few things going on at the Co-op.

  1. Effective May 1st the Co-op will no longer be offering our online ordering system. We haven’t seen very many orders over the last few months and there is a lot of overhead time and costs to keep it going. We will continue to offer curbside pickup for phone orders so nothing will change with that program. We welcome your feedback if you’d like us to make any changes to our current setup. We hope in some small way this service was useful for folks while we had it going.

2. Starting Next Sunday April 25th we will temporarily be taking our walkin offline(thank you to Ralph’s for letting us use some of their walkin space). Thanks to our landlord we will be installing a new floor in the walkin which is much easier to clean than our current one. This requires us to take the walkin offline until Tuesday afternoon to let everything finish curing at room temperature. Since we’ll have it offline for a day or two we will also be doing a deep clean at the same time. This may limit some of our regular cooler items but we will do our best to maintain supplies for everyone (when in doubt just ask). We hope you bear with us while we finish the install and make everything spiffy again. Normal operations hopefully will be back by Wednesday. Thank you to everyone that is helping and/or will be helping on this project.

Well hopefully everything goes smoothly (Knock on wood) and we have it back up for you shortly.

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